Creating your first amazon cloud server

Amazon is part of the major provider in cloud computing. That’s the reason that made me test their services to create our first amazon cloud server.

The purpose of this test was to set up a windows virtual desktop.

Step #1 : Amazon Machine Image

Amazon let you rent instance, as they call it, which is a virtual machine. First of all, you need to choose the Amazon Machine Image (Amazon MI), or download it. This can be done though this link.

Step #2 : Key Pair File

Generate the key Pair file, an encrypted file which contains your connection information..

Step #3 : Launch the instance

Go the Instance Dashbord.
Right click on the instance you created and click connect.
Retrive the password. Go and find the file you got when generating the keyfile.
Then press Decrypt password and copy Public DNS, user and password.

Step #4 : Go to Security Group

Select default.
Add a rule to accept RDP connection (port 3389) from anywhere.

Step #5 : Access though Remote Desktop Connection

Paste the Public DNS into the Remote Desktop Connection, and then enter your connection login / Password.
That’s it ! You are in !

Here is the video of the demo.

Get more informations about amazon cloud at